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Read more Plant Protection Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences The Institute is the research centre for plant protection and it is involved mainly in basic research in the fields of plant pathology, entomology, ecotoxicology, pesticide chemistry, herbology and disease resistance of crop plants.

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In addition to the basic research, most of the individual scientists are involved in postgraduate training, applied research as well as in innovation. The aim of plant protection research is to reduce the crop yield losses by modern management of diseases, insects and weeds, which are harmful in the field.

An additional aim is to help environmental protection by creating environmentally safe and sound methods of plant protection.

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In fact, nursing journal diabetes management final aim of our activities is to understand the biological basis of environment-friendly pest management. Accordingly, research is carried out in order to understand the biology of plant disease agents, insects and weeds, the physiology of diseased crops, the mechanisms of disease and insect resistance, problems of ecotoxicology as well as resistance of pests to pesticides.

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Research also covers the genetic manipulation of crop plants to create resistant cultivars, reduction of pesticide use in agriculture, the development of selective pesticides and seeking for alternative methods of pest management which are environmentally safe and sound. Subject wise Open Access Journals.

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