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Despite these bmj education Despite these potential benefits, PPI is rarely included in epidemiology protocols. Objective: to provide an overview of methods used for PPI and offer practical recommendations for the efficient implementation in epidemiological research. Methods: We conducted a review on PPI methods.

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We then identified key steps to optimize PPI in epidemiological research based on our review and the viewpoint of the patient advocate taking into account the identification of barriers and facilitation of PPI. From these, we provided practical recommendations to launch a patient-centered cohort study.

We used the implementation of a new digital cohort study as an exemplary use case.

The most common methods were workshops The viewpoint of a patient showed a strong interest in participating in research. Research ideas We identified 8 general recommendations and 32 key PPI-related steps that can serve as guidelines to increase the relevance of epidemiological studies.

Conclusions: PPI is a project within a project that contributes to improving knowledge and increasing the relevance of research.

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PPI methods are mainly used for ideas generation. Based on our review and case study, we recommend to include PPI at an early stage and through all the research cycles and to combine methods for generation of new ideas.

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For e-cohorts, the use of digital tools are essential to scale up PPI. We encourage investigators to rely on our practical recommendations to extend PPI in future epidemiological studies. Doi: In recent years, a number of new treatment strategies and compounds were developed for the treatment of AML.

There were Unfortunately, these trials are not always directly comparable since they do not measure the same outcomes, and currently there are bmj education core outcome sets that can be used to guide outcome selection and harmonization in this disease area.

Mária Hári brought new hope to disabled people around the world through conductive education. Even though Hungary then lay behind the Iron Curtain, more than a thousand British families and many more from other countries made the journey to Budapest to find conductive education.

Accordingly, this pilot study will be performed to define a core outcome set in AML.

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