College grants for diabetics

Diabetes kórház St. Petersburg

If you seek medical attention and need help, please contact your local, Hungarian-speaking mentor who can help you with finding a doctor.

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Before you ask for a treatment, please always ask whether your insurence covers the service by showing your TAJ card otherwise a meeting with the doctor might have some costs. If necessary your GP at your student hostel, or the one designated to the area you live may redirect you to a specialist for special treatment.

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Prescribed medicines can be bought at any pharmacies with the prescription from the doctor. In urgent cases, you will receive the medical treatment. It is suggested to keep your passport, residence permit, a copy of student status certificate and a copy of the accommodation reporting form with you.

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Basic treatments are for free with your TAJ card, but more complex dental treatments are to be paid by the patient. The Albert Szent-Györgyi Health Center informs all patients starting from Octoberthat it is possible to make an appointment via e-mail to the following college grants for diabetics Internal medicine — Diabetology diabetes Internal medicine — Endocrinology problems involving hormones Otolaryngology ear, nose and throat Neurology conditions of the nervous system Orthopedics deals with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system muscles and bones Rheumatology rheumatic problems involving joints, soft tissues, etc.

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Surgery E-mail address: bejelentkezes.

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