Type 1 diabetes remission phase

type 1 diabetes remission phase

Type 1 diabetes (autoimmune diabetes) - cause and consequences

This does not, unfortunately, indicate that the diabetes is in remission or can be cured. How is the honeymoon period caused?

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Type 1 diabetes develops because the body begins to kill off its own insulin producing cells — know as islet cells. When a patient starts on insulin injections, the pancreas is under less pressure to produce insulin. This period of rest, afforded by the injections, stimulate the type 1 diabetes remission phase to produce insulin from the remaining beta cells.

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However, after a period of months, the vast majority of these remaining beta cells will also be destroyed, and the honeymoon period ends when the pancreas stops producing sufficient insulin to aid blood glucose control any more.

What happens during the honeymoon phase?

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During the honeymoon phase, blood sugar levels are generally easier to control as the body still has some ability to help itself. Blood glucose levels may even return to normal levels during the honeymoon phase.

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Insulin doses may therefore need to be re-adjusted during this period and it is essential to communicate with your healthcare professional during this time. Can I stop taking insulin during the honeymoon period?

A balance needs to be found between not taking too much insulin, and risking hypoglycemia, but also ensuring your body is not at risk of high blood glucose levels and the possibility of diabetic ketoacidosis.

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How long does the honeymoon period last? There is no hard and fast rule for how long the honeymoon phase lasts amongst people with type 1 diabetes.

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The diabetes honeymoon phase can last for weeks, months or in some cases years.

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